The Pour Over Kettle - Matte Steel


The Pour Over Kettle makes the coffee brewing process not only easier, but enjoyable. Ergonomic and expertly designed, the Kettle is sure to become a staple in your brewing process, enabling a perfectly smooth cup of coffee each and every time.


The slim elongated spout is perfectly shaped to enable a precise pour that extracts the beans' natural oils and brings out the best in both aroma and taste.

Dimensions and Capacity

5.4"H x 9"W / 30.6oz (900ml)


Both body and lid are made from stainless steel, and handle made from nylon. Maximum temperature differential: 428/220℃.

Care Instructions

Direct fire and dishwasher safe. Not safe for use in a microwave and do not heat without water. Leave approximately 1 inch of space between rim and water level prior to heating. If using gas stove, keep flame within radius of base to prevent handle from melting or distorting. Discoloration may occur by using on direct fire. To prevent rust, immediately wash and dry well after use.


$5 standard shipping and 4-8 days expected ship time within the US.

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