The Teak Saucer (Sepia Collection) (set of 6)


The Teak Saucer is the perfect and final accompaniment to our Sepia cup and mug collection. Avoid drips and spills, while completing the vibe intended.

PLEASE NOTE: Price includes 6 saucers.


Available as a set of 6

Dimensions and Capacity

Each saucer: 5.2"D x 0.7"H


Teak/plywood with a urethane coating

Care Instructions

Do not use in a dishwasher. Do not soak in water. Do not place near open flames. Clean the surface with dry or tightly wrung out dishcloth after use. Avoid direct sunlight; dry well after use and store in a dry place.


$5 standard shipping and 4-8 days expected ship time within the US.

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